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Saturday, 6 February 2010

Oil blot papers

Just a quick update on general stuffs~
Right, so oil blotting papers

I will be doing a review on these oil blotting papers :)
(All purchased from Sasa)

The first one I'll be using is Hakugen sweat and oil clear film (70 piece)

This blotting film is green and when you use it it goes clear! After just using one sheet (it's all I needed) it got rid of all the shine on my face, it was amazing! From my experience, I think it's better than Clinique face powder that I normally use for touch ups and shine control. It kept my face shine free for longer but I have yet to test the length of time that it will keep my face comfortable and shine free :D
I give it 9/10
It's missing just one only because it's green... it should be pink! Haha xD
I will post again after a few more uses of this brand of sweat/oil blotting paper.
Stay tuned~


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