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Friday, 29 January 2010

Changing your eyelash curler pads, Sasa Haul and update on Boots Botanics eye makeup remover

Okay so it's pretty much common sense when to change the silicone pad on your eyelash curlers, but here we go anyway.....

This is my 'Mister mascara' eyelash curler that you can get from any of the big Boots stores.

Personally, I think it's quite a decent eyelash curler but it isn't the right shape for my eyes because it's hard to get a full curl, but the pros are that you get a LOT of spare pads!
After a while of using your curlers you might start to notice slight tugging on your eyelashes. This is because the pad has become worn and your lashes are getting caught in the dent that you've made in it! Make sure you regularly clean your curlers to get rid of any build up of eyeliner/mascara which can make it sticky.
To change the pad you just remove the worn one and pop in a brand new one :)
Many eye lash curlers will come with a spare pad, or others you have to buy refills separately.

I have come across some that do not sell refills so you just have to buy a whole new curler :/
It is recommended that you change the pad after 3 months for hygiene reasons, but I guess if you keep it clean and it isn't causing any discomfort then you could possibly keep it for longer.
But after you've changed the silicone pad you might notice that you get a much better curl!

Haul - Sasa

You can click on the image to make it bigger

I've just picked out a few of my favourites to show here and I managed to use the eyeliner and mascara guard.
The Nairs eyeliner is really good! It's sweat and waterproof so the staying power is super. I'm currently obsessed with pen shaped liquid liners as it makes the application much easier as it's like drawing with a pencil! You might need to give an extra lil scrub when getting it off though, but make sure you're gentle with your eyes.
I highly recommend
the Mascara guard! It helps you apply the mascara without tugging and smudging, and the fact that it's made out of plastic make it easy to clean after. Also there's a lash comb built in at the bottom so after you've applied your mascara, you can just turn it upside down and comb through them to get rid of any clumps~
I'm in LOVE with Be Creation stuff, they stock such cute deco pieces which I couldn't resist and they do amazing eyelashes! The eyelash box that came with the Chocolate lashes is so cute! And if you get bored of it you can always decorate it with silicone :)
And I finally managed to get my hands on the Danya hair magic sheets/clips!
I have yet to try the Be creation lash applicator, Kai eyelash curler - for short lashes (in place of my current one), Love bath hair dry cap (much better than drying your hair out with the hair drier all the time!), and the oil blotting sheets (which I will do a review on them later on)
I use to use the Body Shop Oil blotting sheets but I found that it only got rid of so much shine, even blotting powder get rid of more! So I'll be testing all the oil blotting sheets I can find! ^^
Update on the Boots Botanics eye makeup remover~

I think the oiliness is getting a bit much now, I think I do prefer the more water based eye makeup removers so I might not re-buy it.
Because I have to use it and then make up wipes to get rid of the excess oil.
All in all I'd recommend this for dry skin types that would benefit from the extra moisturizers :)

P.S. Feel free to ask any relevant questions or request any reviews in comments/in the side comment box->
I will try my best to answer and do any reviews.

Coming soon..... introduction of the 2 other fashion bloggers!

Thursday, 21 January 2010


This blog in now going to be offically a collaborative of all things fashion with 2 other of my friends, with a bit of make up/beauty reviews etc by me :)
Stay tuned for the introduction of the other 2 and future fashion posts ^^

Edit: Currently on hold/slow due to study priorities~
But I will -> Mini review comming up!

Friday, 15 January 2010

Eye make up removers

Okay I decided to just get stuck in and actually post somethings...

Here are my personal experiences and views on eye make up removers that I have used so far...
I've just recently bought and used Boots Botanics eye make up remover.

Boots Botanics eye make up remover (150ml) - £2.93
At first I was suprised at how oily it was, but because of the oil, it left my eyes feeling moisturized. It got rid of about 98% of my eye make-up. That includes gel eye liner, waterproof mascara, eyeshadow and waterproof eye liner! So far so good!
Only a tiny bit of eye liner was left but it's the best eye make up remover I've used so far!
After only a glimpse of the price for this made me spe
ed out the door to buy it without any second thoughts! I'd recomend this for first time buyers.
8/10 from me =)
Another eye make up remover that I've tested is Estée Lauder

Estée Lauder Gentle eye make up remover (30ml -tester size) - free
This was the first eye make up remover that I used. I found that it was very gentle, maybe even too gentle compared to the Boots Botanic one. This took a few wipes to get most of my make up off! But this was more water based so I think I'd recomend this for contact lense wearers? Because I think someone said oil based ones are not suitable for contact lenses. Bottom line is that you must remove your lenses before taking make up off! The price for an actual 100ml bottle is £16.50 which I think is a little pricey if your on a budget.
from me =)
On a side note I also bought a new Witch Hazel Blemish Stick after finishing off my first stick.
I recommend this if you get those spots that suddenly decide to pop up! It really sooths any sore blemishes and reduces it. And it's also small enough to be carried around in your handbag, which I think it great!

Witch Hazel Blemish Stick (10g) - around £2.59
What are your essentials?

Saturday, 9 January 2010

First post.

Okay, so a pic will be comming soon when I have time.
I wanted to start one of these blogs for a while now but I guess I needed more motivation. Whether it will turn into a collaberative fashion blog or not idk right now but I guess.. watch this space~

Edit: I put up a pic finally... a better one up soon though.

Edit2: We've finally concluded that this will now be a blog about fashion from 3 points of views (The 2 other contributers will be introduced soon! ^^)
All will focus on current, new and upcomming fashionable items.
I will fill in the time between discussions etc with possible beauty/make up buys and hauls.

Disclaimer: We are not in any way insiting that our predictions or opinions are correct/to be followed rigorously, nor do we intend to be compared to other fashion/fashionistas. We are simply 3 girls sharing our passion for fashion and personal views.
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