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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Update and random tip

Random tip: I found out the hard way of how 'running cold water over your newly painted nails' trick works, do it as a finisher and not as an aid to dry nails faster!

I painted my nails and instead of blow drying them with a nail drier, I stuck it under cold water and the paint just smeared lol! So to carry out this tip like your supposed to: After painting you're nails, wait for them to dry till they won't smudge.Then run cold water down the nails towards the tips of your fingers! It makes the paint harden slightly, which means a bit more wear! :D

Updates to come: My current favourite item of clothing, Current fashion inspirations, and possibly more hauls/reviews, stay tuned!!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

My first circle lens review

GEO Super Nudy Grey (14.8mm) $19.99 from tokioshine.com

I ordered GEO Super Nudy Grey because I wanted lenses that'd make my eyes look bigger so I went straight for the biggest, and I love the halo effect the nudy lenses have so I got it in nudy grey. I went with GEO because I felt that they are the most comfortable and trusted brand. I did want the pink GEO lenses but they were planar and I preferred them prescribed so I can wear them without glasses :)

The base curve is 0.2 bigger than what I normally wear and they move slightly when I blink so I think they're too big. Does anyone know any circle lenses with a BS of 8.4?
Make sure you never wear lenses that are too small for you!
Also you can see a bit of the colour and it's goes a lil blurry when you look around, but that's coz the lens diameter is huge which makes my eyes look bigbig! They are really comfy because you can't feel them and they stay hydrated even after 4 hours!

I did notice however that unlike my daily lenses (Acuvue - 2 weekly lenses) they don't offer added UV protection, so make sure you wear sunglasses when you go out with them in the sun!
Tokioshine are US based and have a huge ready stock of prescribed and planar circle lenses, at reasonable prices.
It took only a week for them to ship me my order and you get a free Hello Kitty lens case with every pair you buy.
I'm not partnered or sponsored by Tokioshine in anyway, I purchased the lenses with my own money and this is an honest review.

Check out my How To vid on How to insert your circle lenses here.

The bottom note is: It's your eyes and you only get a pair to last you a life time, so wear circle lenses you trust are authentic and wear them in moderation!! (No more than 6 hours, if your eyes start going blood shot take the lenses out) If you have any questions just post them as comments and I will answer them :)

Update: I think tokioshine.com closed their site down, but you can still buy the same lenses from pinkyparadise.com

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Basic Pink Leopard Print Nails

Ops I nearly forgot to share this :)

(Double click for the full youtube experience)

This is just a basic lil leopard print nail art that I learnt recently and thought it'd be nice to share with everyone :D
Read the info box for more.. infortmation.. haha xD


Friday, 2 July 2010

My verdict on clogs & current fave

Before I hop in I just wanted to announce that I'll be linking my blog to my Twitter and vice versa~
Dundundunnn! So you can follow me on twitter too! :D
Follow me here

Anywho on with the CLOGS! Firstly... I like the word you can rhyme it with everything haha. Besides that there has been quite a lot of negative views on clogs, which I'm assuming is due to the old style of clogs (clumpy frumpy and plain EW with no sense of style or closely associated with the kitten heel). However if it's been on the catwalks, it's definitely going to be translated to suit high street shop shelves!

(Click to enlarge)

Topshop - LAUREL Patent Buckle Clogs £68 in navey

Comfort and fit: 8/10
The huge platform and chunky heel make walking in them a breeze, but there's a gap where the arch of my foot is so it starts to hurt after a while. Also the fit where the buckles are too lose even though they're a size 3! I can make them a lil smaller though, which is alright. But it kinda alters the original look of it, which always annoys me.
There's a rubber layer on the bottom of it which means super grip! = no slips/trips
Brownie points for that! :)

Look: 6/10

The chunkiness makes your legs look slimmer, but it almost looks like my feet are out of proportion :/ Then again I quite like the overall look, it adds a quirky edge to any outfit. It's doesn't come in black which makes it hard to match up with clothes, but the other options are burgundy, nude and navy. Which I think you should just check your wardrobe before hand, and think which shade goes best with the majority of your clothes!

Overall I think it takes the right outfit and a lot of attitude to pull it off, not for the faint hearted! :)
You need to take a good look around to find the style that you like the best, as there are endless variations of the Clog, but it's an awesome way to update your outfit.

Current fave:
(Shiseido eyelash curlers)

See my recent Sasa haul for info on it~
I love these eyelash curlers! They curl my eye lashes so well without over curling them so they go in that horrible bent angle. It gets most of my lashes (no curlers can ever get the small ones around the inner corner of your eye, you need the miniature curlers to do that)
AND you get a spare inside :)

Upcoming posts:
-Tutorial on Basic Leopard Print nail art.
-and more reviews/updates

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