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Sunday, 26 September 2010

A Face Mask That Burns Your Face??

This is the Superdrug Cooling Face Mask - Cucumber, one of the 4 Superdrug facemasks that I'm trying out. See my last face mask post for details.)

Okay so maybe I exaggerated a little..
But once I applied this face mask, it almost immediately started to sting my face; particularly around my cheeks and mouth. The stinging sensation was not 'gentle and tingling' AT ALL, it felt like miniature bee stings all over my face, that was so overwhelmingly painful that I almost passed out. And believe me, my pain tolerance is pretty decent! Thankfully it didn't sting SO much after it started to dry, but I really couldn't last the recommended minimum 5mins and had to wash it off.

On the packet it claims:

"Deeply cleanses, hydrates, and refreshes"

But I felt that afterwards it didn't hydrate at all, and if they think causing you pain 'refreshes' you then so be it. I don't however; wish upon any of my readers to go through such an experience for such limited results. So no I wouldn't recommend this particular facemask to anyone, in fact I think I would tell them to steer clear and try the Superdrug Pomegranate and Cranberries Peel off Face Mask instead! Because that one was super gentle, didn't have an overwhelming chemical smell (like the other peel off face mask by
Montagne Jeunesse), AND it smelt super yummy I almost licked it!

And if anyone was wondering, it wasn't an allergic reaction because my face was fine after i washed it off.

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Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by any of these brands and I have bought these products with my own money. All reviews are my honest opinion.


Rebecca from See You in Sweden said...

Wow, that burning stuff sounds horrible! I just had the same problem with a foam wash from Clinique. My eyes were on fire but I have very, very sensitive eyes. It also said it was for normal skin but was clearly for oily. My face was so dry after.

Rinni said...

Clinique foaming face wash?
I use the liquid face wash for normal/dry skin to rehydrate it, but I'm doubting Clinique now after that day I went without the toner and moisture face gel...
Try going around your eyes and above your eyebrows? Maybe you just need a facewash specifically for sensitive skin :)

♔ Pearlessence ♔ said...

my mum actually picked this up for me and it's sitting neglected in my drawer.. i'm guessing after this post it will STAY in the drawer! thanks for the review hun x

Rinni said...

Haha glad it helped? xD

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