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Friday, 27 August 2010

Video: My Smokey Eyes - Daytime to Evening

This is how I currently do my eyeshadow :)
I went back to doing black smokey eyes because it's so versitile and really brings out my eyes.

(Double click to go to youtube to view properly)
Link if you can't see the vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GqDOIaXAJc

All the extra infomation is in the information bar.

Friday, 20 August 2010

Body Scrub Reviews

My current obsession is with body scrubs!! It's pretty much the same as a facial scrub that you would use once a week to get rid of dead skin cells.. except that you use it all over, and it's not as gentle as a facial scrub (so I wouldn't recommend using it on your face!). So I'm embarking on a quest to find the best body scrub for myself :)

Above: empty Soap and Glory - Sugar Crush, £9 Below: Boots Botanics - Moisturising Sugar Scrub, £5.49

I used the Soap and Glory one first and woooow it left my skin feeling soooo smooth and soft! It wasn't sticky and it smells divine because of the sweet lime and almond oil in it. It says 'with smashed brown sugar, sweet lime, almond oil and macadamia grains' which I think most of it is mentioned in the ingredients list; so it is actually in it, and the rest is pretty much visible in the mix lol. I'm not too keen on eating almonds or macadamias but hell I'd use it as a body scrub anytime!! Haha~ Maybe people with nut allergies should avoid this though..
Anyways, it does contain oil in it like how a basic body scrub should have, but it if your using it in the shower like you should be (I use it in replace of my shower gel once a week) it should just wash right off so it's not uncomfortable at all. It does slightly lather so you can massage it easily into your skin, but the grains of stuff in it is pretty huge so personally I don't think it exfoliates very well. Also if you was to use it in the bath the huge grains of sugar and nuts will be left behind when you drain the tub so you gotta wash it down xD

Next is the current body scrub I'm using which is the Boots Botanics one. The first thing I noticed was the fine granules in it, and it's consistency is much more thicker. Kinda like a huge tub of lip balm, unlike the Soapy and Glory one which was like a gloopy paste of cake mix and oils (yummy). But the fine grains of sugar in it is something I like because you can feel it gently buffing away at your skin, I'd describe it as a nail file or sand paper haha! However I think that's the only thing I like about it aside form the fact that it's made of active plant extract. I don't like the feeling of it after you wash it off, because not only does it smell like soap.. it feels like a layer of soap on your skin afterwards! Now I know why it says 'Caution: Surfaces may become slippery after use.' And it recommends to use it in the bath, but it just makes the whole bath soapy and slippery. Frustrating!

So I won't be repurchasing Boots Botanics Moisturising Sugar Scrub because of the nightmare it causes, and I'd rather pay the extra £3.51 for a body scrub that not only smells nice and washes off without a hassle but leaves my skin much more smoother and moisturised!

Upcoming posts: Make your own body scrub! and more reviews on body scrubs~

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Messy waves with no heat - Hair tutorial

This is the first time filming a hair tutorial so the angles are a bit awkward haha xD
And my roots are hella bad but I'm getting a cut and dye soon before I start college... not really much point in dying it now :)

(Double click to view on youtube - thumbs up and subscribe if you like it!)
Link if you can't see the vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KAxdThjzVF0

I didn't realise how bad my roots were, and how long my hair was till I watched it over!!
Oh the wonders of layers that make your hair looks shorter hehe~

Next hair tutorial: Volumous defined curls

Friday, 6 August 2010

Beads and findings - Online Shopping review

Okay so this is so off topic, but I think it's kinda useful if anyone wants to embark on creating their own pieces of jewellry :) If you follow my youtube vids you might have noticed in the info bar at the bottom there is '*name of jewellry* - made myself' and those are the items I have handmade myself! Keep reading if your interested in where I buy all the stuff~

I've recently been creating my own jewellry after being inspired by DSKjewelry, and also to the fact that sometimes I'd look at a pair of earrings or something in shops. And think to myself 'If only I could change this bit' or 'it'd be so much cheaper if I made one myself'. So I did!

I've ordered from 3 websites recently (All UK based, because I can't be bothered waiting for postage lol):

The Bead shop was the first website I bought off because I originally used to go to the shop directly before it closed. The prices are quite decent when it comes to buying chains or stringing materials and they have a reasonable selection of items. However if your looking for a specific item you might not find it on this website, and I don't think they stock items in request. Another con is that because it's quite a popular site they sell out of items quickly, but you can subscribe to be notified when they re-stock. They have excellent customer service as they reply to you within 48 hours if you e-mail them, I love a shop with good customer service because they can get back to your problems asap. Annndd they also have some very useful short tutorials on the website.

Mailorder beads are the best website to buy things in bulk or at a darn cheap price (the Swarovski crystal pearls), lovelove! :) They also have a large selection of items and it's easy to search and browse. I did have a problem with one of the items I ordered.... It's like they spilt ink on it or something, it can be cleaned though so I'm going to go at with a scrub lol.

Last but not least...
I ordered off this website because I was looking for a specific gold plated small heart bead.
Like this...The Stampings are so cute too! However for the lil gold hearts it's £1.13 for 4 which is pretty decent for gold plated beads, but the two in the pack that I received were deformed. Okay so it's in it's nature for beads to have a few bad apples. But it was unfortunate that I couldn't use them to make another set of friendship bracelets! One of the beads had a bit at the bottom missing, and the other had an uneven hole drilled which made threading leather string through it impossible =.='' I e-mailed them about this but they still haven't gotten back to me since 30th July lol xD So bad customer service, which makes me reluctant to buy from them again.... but their stuff is too cute @.@

Disclaimer: I have not been paid to review any of these websites and all items were bought with my own money, all opinions are 100%honest.

Hope you enjoyed this lil off topic-ness xD
More product reviews and August favourites comming up!

Edit: E-beads DID get back to me sometime soon after and sent me replacements free of charge straight away :)
And the Mailorder Swarovski filigrees were super labouring to clean because it was stretchy like rubber so I had to scrub really hard and pick it off =.=''
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