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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

My first circle lens review

GEO Super Nudy Grey (14.8mm) $19.99 from tokioshine.com

I ordered GEO Super Nudy Grey because I wanted lenses that'd make my eyes look bigger so I went straight for the biggest, and I love the halo effect the nudy lenses have so I got it in nudy grey. I went with GEO because I felt that they are the most comfortable and trusted brand. I did want the pink GEO lenses but they were planar and I preferred them prescribed so I can wear them without glasses :)

The base curve is 0.2 bigger than what I normally wear and they move slightly when I blink so I think they're too big. Does anyone know any circle lenses with a BS of 8.4?
Make sure you never wear lenses that are too small for you!
Also you can see a bit of the colour and it's goes a lil blurry when you look around, but that's coz the lens diameter is huge which makes my eyes look bigbig! They are really comfy because you can't feel them and they stay hydrated even after 4 hours!

I did notice however that unlike my daily lenses (Acuvue - 2 weekly lenses) they don't offer added UV protection, so make sure you wear sunglasses when you go out with them in the sun!
Tokioshine are US based and have a huge ready stock of prescribed and planar circle lenses, at reasonable prices.
It took only a week for them to ship me my order and you get a free Hello Kitty lens case with every pair you buy.
I'm not partnered or sponsored by Tokioshine in anyway, I purchased the lenses with my own money and this is an honest review.

Check out my How To vid on How to insert your circle lenses here.

The bottom note is: It's your eyes and you only get a pair to last you a life time, so wear circle lenses you trust are authentic and wear them in moderation!! (No more than 6 hours, if your eyes start going blood shot take the lenses out) If you have any questions just post them as comments and I will answer them :)

Update: I think tokioshine.com closed their site down, but you can still buy the same lenses from pinkyparadise.com


Elisa Lee said...

whoa, your eyes are so big ^^!! Like your vids. followed your blog =D

Rinni said...

Thank you!! ^^

Eιlєєи said...

Woah, thats quite expensive for circle lens :o In my country, they cost like only 9-10bucks? :o

Rinni said...

I think because they were the new larger series they were more expensive~

Demonic Rawr Ruiz said...

Hi, I was wondering what's the diameter?

Rinni said...

14.8mm I think, they're called Super Geo Nudy

jasmine said...

hi , how often do you change the solution for storing?

Rinni said...

Hi Jasmine! You should change the solution in the case every time you put your lenses back in for storage.

Nikki Fedakova said...

Heyy! i love your vids! i just wanted to ask where you got your lens solution from? or does it matter which one you buy? :)

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