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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Keep Warm With Lace?

If like in the UK you have been surrounded by a blanket of snow and ice recently,
you may have been piling on the woollen layers and ended up looking a bit like a marshmallow. Or you may just be braving the cold snap and dash out with a new lace dress you bought for a party, and then crawl back into the warmth of your own heater with a cold.

However have you ever considered using lace to your advantage? Surprisingly lace can actually keep you a bit warmer than wearing a few extra of the same layers, because you can trap small pockets of air against your skin which will stop your body heat from escaping so quickly.
Perfect combination examples include a lace shirt peeking out under a snug jumper or wearing a lace pair of leggings under a pair of high-shine ones (don't say you haven't tried wearing two pairs of tights!)

Anyway, keep warm this winter readers!
And I wish good health to you all this Christmas!
Happy Holidays~


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