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Saturday, 15 January 2011

Update and Eye makeup removers

First post of 2011! I hope every had a great holiday whether it was celebrated with endless parties or just quiet nights in keeping snug and warm :)

I think I will be doing a slight new change to how I write posts now. So instead of writing upcoming posts that I possibly won't write at the end, instead I will just leave that out and just write as I go. And I mostly don't end up writing them because they simply didn't make much of an impression or it was just an average product xD
On to eye makeup removers!...

So I've tried a few eye makeup removers so far:
-Estée Lauder
-Boots Botanics
-Boots No7

And my favourite one so far is Estée Lauder Gentle Eye Makeup Remover
£17, 100ml

I like this one because it effectively dissolves the make up almost straight away, so it doesn't smudge around your eyes. And it even removes waterproof mascara! It doesn't have any separate oil in it so you don't need to shake it up every time and it isn't too oily on the lids either. So now the Estée Lauder one is my staple eye makeup remover and will keep repurchasing it until I stumble upon a better one!
The least effective on the list as the Boots No7 one as it just smudged the make up around my eyes... I had panda eyes after every time I used it.

So now that I've found my all time favourite eye makeup remover, I'd recommend this one for people with oily/combination skin that loves to wear eye makeup and it's totally worth your £'s


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