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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Special Guest Blogger: Emily Patterson

Guest Post from webzone1.co.uk

Spots Spots Spots fashion Tips for AW11.

We are slowly starting to see the AW11 styles coming down runways, and although we don't want to be thinking about darker nights and colder day in the midst of summer. The fashionista in us all need to know what to start looking for one of our big tips this season is Spots.

With Stella McCartney, David Koma and Marc Jacobs all presenting us with a dream for Cruella De Vil, we are inclined to swear by them.

A personal favourite of mine is the laser cut discs that have been seen at Stella McCartney before thought the clustered look that is used this season is divine.

For the spotty look we suggest that you combine pattern like a pro.

Top Spot Tips:

1: Think about spots as an all over pattern. We have seen spots as an all over pattern, making the 60s look weak in comparison. Think legs, arms, even your head (head scarves or bows :) of course) We found these on Shopalike

Pamella Mann

2: More modern less twee. The infamous polka dot might be a good starting point but this season sees more of a contemporary vibe rather than a throwback fashion revival, we see 60s hints but a definite step towards the modern metropolitan (well at least with spots.)

3: Personally we can see this being more of a monochrome trend though flashes of colour have been seen with the spots. We suggest a black or white base and to accessories well.

4: Texture is definitely a major player for AW11 so our suggestion is not to be to scared of

layers and different pattern size.

5: Don't just pick one thing this AW11 if I have seen anything of what is happening for AW11 I have seen a huge variety of styles colours patterns textures, it seems a rather chaotic Aw11 but a fun one so, we would say enjoy the bold choices and embrace the anarchy.

Check out Emily Patterson's blog here for more of the simmilar posts you just read on fashion, tips and highlights!
And I agree spots are a cute trend to flaunt for a touch of 60's vibe for the coming AW11, and don't be scared of clashing patterns of smaller and larger spots and varieties of different colours~


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