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Friday, 15 January 2010

Eye make up removers

Okay I decided to just get stuck in and actually post somethings...

Here are my personal experiences and views on eye make up removers that I have used so far...
I've just recently bought and used Boots Botanics eye make up remover.

Boots Botanics eye make up remover (150ml) - £2.93
At first I was suprised at how oily it was, but because of the oil, it left my eyes feeling moisturized. It got rid of about 98% of my eye make-up. That includes gel eye liner, waterproof mascara, eyeshadow and waterproof eye liner! So far so good!
Only a tiny bit of eye liner was left but it's the best eye make up remover I've used so far!
After only a glimpse of the price for this made me spe
ed out the door to buy it without any second thoughts! I'd recomend this for first time buyers.
8/10 from me =)
Another eye make up remover that I've tested is Estée Lauder

Estée Lauder Gentle eye make up remover (30ml -tester size) - free
This was the first eye make up remover that I used. I found that it was very gentle, maybe even too gentle compared to the Boots Botanic one. This took a few wipes to get most of my make up off! But this was more water based so I think I'd recomend this for contact lense wearers? Because I think someone said oil based ones are not suitable for contact lenses. Bottom line is that you must remove your lenses before taking make up off! The price for an actual 100ml bottle is £16.50 which I think is a little pricey if your on a budget.
from me =)
On a side note I also bought a new Witch Hazel Blemish Stick after finishing off my first stick.
I recommend this if you get those spots that suddenly decide to pop up! It really sooths any sore blemishes and reduces it. And it's also small enough to be carried around in your handbag, which I think it great!

Witch Hazel Blemish Stick (10g) - around £2.59
What are your essentials?


Mi_Mi said...

wow thanz fo the tips...xx ^^

Rinni said...

Your welcome, I'm glad I helped someone :) xx

Em said...

Witch stick is great .... it is also handy for soothing papercuts! Witch Doctor Skin Treatment Gel is also a must when you go on holiday - works just as well on sunburn as it does on mozzie bites! :D

Rinni said...

I wouldn't have thought to put it on cuts! xD I thought it'd sting a bit...
Witch doc skin gel will be in my bag then next time I'm on holiday then! O:

Anz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anz said...

I need to get me some witch-stuff, that's 2 of you who advocate it.

My eye make-up remover at the mo is lancome bi facil...i like it cos it's fun to shake up the two parts first. It's also quite oily, but quite effective. I too only have a trial size cos at £20 a bottle, I'll need to wear more make up to warrant it

Rinni said...

Haha yeh the fun part of the Botanics is shaking up the parts xD
I might just try to find a quality water based one, because I just don't like the oily feeling you get after using it. I kinda just end up smearing it around my face in an attempt to get it off :/

Em said...

re: witch stick on paper cuts, yeah it stings a bit but then it seals up and stops hurting full stop! It's ok on small cuts, don't try on open wounds tho as it will kill!! :D

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