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Saturday, 9 January 2010

First post.

Okay, so a pic will be comming soon when I have time.
I wanted to start one of these blogs for a while now but I guess I needed more motivation. Whether it will turn into a collaberative fashion blog or not idk right now but I guess.. watch this space~

Edit: I put up a pic finally... a better one up soon though.

Edit2: We've finally concluded that this will now be a blog about fashion from 3 points of views (The 2 other contributers will be introduced soon! ^^)
All will focus on current, new and upcomming fashionable items.
I will fill in the time between discussions etc with possible beauty/make up buys and hauls.

Disclaimer: We are not in any way insiting that our predictions or opinions are correct/to be followed rigorously, nor do we intend to be compared to other fashion/fashionistas. We are simply 3 girls sharing our passion for fashion and personal views.



Hi friend, peace...
You blog very interesting.
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Em said...

Good luck with the blog! I'll be checking in for tips!!
Will add your link from mine when I get round to it...

Rinni said...

Okay, thanks Em! ^^

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