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Sunday, 21 March 2010

Clinique 3 Step review, False Lashes care&cleaning

Ah! Finally a new update~
Better late than never! Now let's get crackin'....

Clinique 3 step
(All purchased from the Clinique website/Boots stores - Clarifying lotion £14, Liquid facial soap £13, Scrub cream £16.50)

Clinique is a well established brand that everyone has heard of either from make up or skin care.
They're well known for their Allergy Tested & 100% Fragrance Free products and the 3-step system in which they have specific properties that are tailored to your skin type. Don't know your skin type? Just ask in any store or complete the short skin report quiz online :)
So I've been using this for about a year or more and I've just finished using the Clarifying lotion for skin type 2 (it was purple). I decided to try the type 2 one next as I thought my face felt a little oilier than just combination skin, and since they didn't make a test sample I had to buy a 200ml bottle. (A bonus is that it's my favourite colour!)
I use the facial scrub once a week and the other products twice daily as recommended on the back of the products. I rarely have any breakouts when using this and my skin always feels cleansed and fresh afterwards. The facial soap is very gentle though so sometimes you won't notice a wonderfully refreshed feeling after using it, you know it's doing it's job if it's preventing any break outs or build ups~ So far after using the type 3 clarifying lotion I have noticed a slight improvement of the oily areas of my face compared to the type 2 so I'll carry on using that for now.
False eyelashes
It's been a while now and people are still going crazy over these synthetic little enhancers!
This is just a small collection of all of my lashes, Tokyo, Eyelure, Miser Mascara, etc~

(Be creation top lashes & lash box see Sasa haul post, bottom lashes - Be creation volume bottom lashes cut to length )

I've found that lash cases can be really useful either if your on the go, or like me and prefers to take them off after a long while when they start getting uncomfortable.
It also stores your lashes to stop any dust build up and prevents them from getting damaged.

(Damaged/worn lashes)

The top lash above the sets in the picture above was just a poor quality, it was too flimsy which made applying it a nightmare. I think I just chucked them to one side when I took them off so I lost one hehe...
So if your looking to purchase a decent pair of false lashes that can last for at least 2-3 wears you need a nice firm band where you put the lash glue so it makes application a lot easier but not too rigid that it makes it uncomfortable to wear.

Lash stacking(Top - Be Creation Max volume top lashes, Eyelure - Tokyo Hiroko end lashes)

I stacked 2 Be creation volume lashes with the Eylure lashes to create a
The Be Creation top lashes are great for creating a natural volume lash look, but if you want 'look at me lashes' then I wouldn't recommend them for you.
The Eyelure lashes are perfect to add a kick of subtle colour and finish any look :)

(Separated out)
I will do a tutorial on eyelash stacking, it's really easy~

Lash Glue

(DUO adhesive - £8.50 from MAC, Eyelure individual lash - £?, Royal - £1.27? from Beauty essentials, Eyelure Lashfix £?)

The first thing I would like to say about lash glue is that when you buy a new set of falsies you mostly get a free little tube of glue with it, get that.. AND BIN IT!!
The only included glue I would say is reasonable to use is probably the ones you get with the Eyelure lashes, aside from that most of the time they're of a really bad quality. They either don't stick, stink (out of date) or just not usable at all.
I think there's mainly 2 types of lash glue out there, individual lash glue and strip lash glue. Individual lash glue is super strong and long lasting so those individual little lashes stay on for longer like they are supposed to! And never make the mistake of buying the wrong one or using the wrong one as the results can be rather painful :/
The Royal lash glue was recommended to me by a friend of mine and for that price I'd highly recommend it as the quality is almost the same as the Eyelure Lashfix, that is my holy grail for strip false eye lash glue. The Eyelure Lashfix is a glue that I've always went back to after trying others because of the mild smell and glue like texture that glue is meant to look and feel like. It also dries clear like it states on the box and the time it takes for the glue to become tacky is just long enough so that I can do any last min eyelash curling before application!
I also got recommended the DUO adhesive and as it was sold in MAC stores I thought it would be a good investment! But it turns out when I went to use it, it came out like a bubbly watery liquid with a yellow tint. I don't know if it's meant to be like that or it's just the one I ordered that wasn't so great. I thought maybe it was the latex in it that made it like that but the colour just put me off :/

Cleaning your fake eyelashes
There are many different ways to care and clean your lashes and this method that I am going to show you is a quick spot cleaning way.

You will need:(Eye make up remover, Cotton buds/cosmetic pads, false lashes&lash box, tissue)

Step 1:

Very gently remove any large bits of excess glue that might still be on it by rubbing the band of the lash (see diagram below), go ALONG the grain/band of the eyelash when peeling off. You can use clean fingers or tweezers, NO FORCE is needed as it can cause the lashes to misshape! After that place onto a tissue or cosmetic pad.

Eyelash diagram:

Step 2:Dip a cotton bud into the eye makeup remover (I would recommend a water based eye makeup remover as oil based ones can leave a build up of oil on the lashes, and if they're synthetic it will just loom around on the lash until you bin them). With a generous amount of eye makeup remover on the cotton bud, gently rub away any glue left and mascara on the lash.

Step 3:
Place the lashes back into the lash box to reshape whilst it dries. You're done! :)

A side note:
I never thought the post would be this long so apologies if it bored you! xD I hope your now all clued up about false eyelashes! I also wanted to add my staple face wipes:
A good start when removing make up! But don't rely on it to take all of it off, because you still need to use face wash to get all the makeup that has set into your skin, and the waterproof make up too!

Update: The Clinique Clarifying lotions have a really strong alcohol smell, so if you're not used to it I would steer clear! :)


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