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Saturday, 3 April 2010

Update and face mask review

Yay, Easter holidays~
That means I can update my blog more often, but the big pile of catch up work on my desk is making it so that I can't update as much as I wanted to.
Anyway on to the facial mask review. If you have been reading my blog I had a Sasa haul not long ago and one of the products was Be Creation - Tina's dresser brightening masks. Here's my verdict after using them all...

It comes with 4 masks in 1 box, which is enough to last you for around a month if you use it once a week like I did. The mask is in two parts, you apply the top half first and then the bottom half. It fits reasonably on my face but I noticed that the nose shape was a bit small, but overall the shape was okay. After around 15mins I took it off and massaged in the excess serum until it's pretty much absorbed. I did notice a visible improvement in skin tone, it looked like my face had just been covered in a sheer luminous brightening powder if that makes sense. There was a little stickiness at the end which bothered me a bit, but as it's rather moisturizing i skipped out moisturizing for that day. Overall it does a decent job of evening out the skin tone and I'd recommend it 2-3 times a week if you want a lasting brightening effect, and also if you don't mind the stickiness it's a pretty good product to treat your skin with if it's feeling a little on the dry side.


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