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Saturday, 16 October 2010

Tampon and Pad Holders

So I saw this commercial on TV by Bodyform that was advertising its limited edition sanitary towel boxes that comes with its products. The initial thought was "Oh finally people have caught on with disguising the not-so-discreet sanitary towel packaging!" And then I realised... it's also advertised all the different designs, and thought well now the world knows what might be kept in those boxes if they ever saw one in a girl's bag!! DUH!

What do yous think about sanitary towel boxes? A complete waste of time or one of the greatest ideas since sliced bread?

I think it's something that will make it less obvious, if you ever dropped all the contents of your bag out on the floor for everyone to see. Especially if you don't have one of those little zip compartments in some bags you get sometimes.

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TinkerBi said...

it looks like it can only fit one.. I pass. lol I need to carry more than one.

Cassandra said...

I think i have one somewhere and you cant put more than like a couple tampons in the middle, if u put more it cant be closed and if u drop it on the floor it will openup so its not as good as sliced bread!! ;P


Rinni said...

Lol so not as great then!
I guess you could just fold a small envelope shape and stick them in :O

Dyna said...

Oh. Yes I'll buy when and when I take it to the loo and leave the class. "Oh look the thing from the commercial" Brilliant. Great post. I just hit the follow button. I love your posts.
Check out my blog:

Rinni said...

Haha yeh xD
Thank you~

Dina said...

I think it is kinda pointless. You might as well just use an old make up bag or something small as no one will recognize what would be in it then :p x

Rinni said...

Yeh I agree~
Or just buy a bag that has a zip pocket on the inside next time lol! :D

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