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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Painless Waxing?

Okay so maybe it isn't exactly WAXING, but I think it can compare WITHOUT the pain!

Veet Suprem' Essence In Shower Cream 135ml - £6.49

I have used in-shower hair removal creams from the Veet range before, and I find them quite effective on fine/normal hair. So, specifically for leg hair! If used correctly it takes away the whole length of hair, and it's results last almost as long as waxing (1-2weeks) which is better than shaving but not quite as lasting.
For first time users, you may need to apply the cream twice, leaving the recommended amount of time between applications. All the instructions are included within the package, and must be followed with caution, because it is a big tube of chemicals after all!

The maximum of time the cream is allowed on your skin in 6mins, so on virgin hair you want to apply a thick but even amount all over the legs with the sponge in small strokes (not rubbing in!). Make sure you cover the whole length of hair as that's what you want to remove after all, so you may end up looking like your wearing really long leg warmers of cream! Then after 6mins of the cream working it's magic, you can hop in the shower and gently massage the cream off with the rough side of the included sponge. And like I stated before one application might not be enough, but when your washing the cream off the chemicals are still working so wait until after you dry off to start evaluating the results! And repeat the process if necessary AFTER 72 hours.

Regardless of whether the cream removes all of your hairs or not, there are super moisturising properties in this new formula that they have brought out. It states on the package:

Veet Suprem' Essence formula has been enriched with a blend of essential oils and velvet rose to leave your skin moisturised and delicately scented. No more cuts or unpleasant depilatory cream smell. Thanks to a unique combination of water resisting ingredients the cream has the power to stay on the skin in the shower."

Which I felt it does moisturise more than the original formula, but I would team it with a moisture packed body butter afterwards to get the full silky smooth experience!

Always remember to READ the precautions and instructions before use.

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Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by Veet and I have bought the product with my own money. All reviews are 100% my honest opinion.


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