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Saturday, 13 November 2010

[Video] What's On My Nails - Nov Tutorial

My current love! Barry M Instant Effects Nail Polish! It's perfect to fix a dodgy nail paint job, or a traumatic smudge. Super quick drying, easy to use and you can just wack it over in anyway way, and it'll sort itself out.
I've been getting loads of compliments and questions such as 'OMG are they real?' 'Did you do them yourself?' 'How did you do that??' Well here it is, Enjoy~

(Double click to view in all it's glory)


Anonymous said...

Hi Rinni.
I used a vid from you for my blog.
I hope that's okay, I also put a link on my page to this blog here.
Have a nice day,

Rinni said...

Hello! Yes that's fine how you've done it, thanks for sharing it with your friends~ :)

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