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Saturday, 2 April 2011

DIY Egg Facial

I tried an egg facial today and followed how Michelle Phan did it because it was logical and she shows you how to use the whole egg rather than just the egg white :)
Check it out here - http://ricebunny.xanga.com/594800722/egg-mask/
At first I thought it was going to be really smelly and feel like slime on my face but it was a total opposite.

Before applying the beaten egg white, I rinsed my face with warm water and cleaned my face with a face wipe. I then went onto open my pores to allow the full effects of the egg facial. You don't need a professional face steamer to steam your face, you can just fill a bowl with boiled water or fill the sink with water from the hot tap and hang your head over it with a towel over your head for 10-15mins.

I then applied the beaten egg white all over my face for 10 mins and then rinsed it off with warm water. When the egg dries on your face it feels tight and smooth, no smell at all.
I think the egg white really does help to tighten your face, I didn't really see any visible brightening.. maybe a little bit?

To not waste the yoke I went on apply that to see if it really was moisturising. After 10mins I also washed that off with warm water and then closed my pores by rubbing an ice cube all over my face (don't apply ice directly to your eyes at it can damage the sensitive capillaries in your eyes)
I don't think the yoke moisturised or did anything to my face but it was worth a try.
As I didn't use all the egg I scrambled it in a pan and ate it :)

Overall, egg facials are good if you want a little lift and DIY pampering. Recommended if you don't have any fancy facials to use and it saves a lot of money!

Next DIY facial I will try this with honey!


shadownlight said...

heyya, greetings from germany, guess im gonna "fallow" u from now on, cause its a nice blog tho.
ive got a translator on mine, so if ur interested... would be great. greets shadownlight

Rinni said...

Thanks :D

Mi_Mi said...

Nice advise thanz^^

Eden-Avalon said...

:D I'm a new follower as well. I saw your videos on youtube and I'm always happy to give follows to a fellow blogger, especially one with such interesting posts. x3 Sorry the facial didn't work for you. I did try her kitty litter one - it worked for me!

Rinni said...

Haha well I think the facial was interesting and worked for just that moment xD Kitty litter? On the face? Intriguing!

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