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Sunday, 4 April 2010

Hollie's Nail varnish tips

She speaks! Please give a warm welcome to one of my co-writers/contributes called Hollie.
I think I'll just quote her :)

"Lately I've been wondering why my very expensive chanel nail polish is chipping really easily lately and so i decided to do some research. Apparently, you are not suppose to use nail varnish remover more than once a week as it dries your nails out. Using nail polish remover that contains alcohol or acetate makes your nail polish chip more easily. I have been using my nail polish more than once a week because it kept chipping AND my nails are really dry and feel weak which apparently makes it chip EVEN MORE, and my nail polish remover contains acetate! Explains a lot really. Just though it would be useful. Oh, and also you're supposed to use a hand moisturiser/cuticle oil to help strengthen your nails, because if your nails are weak, it chips more easily =) Also you're supposed to buy a moisturising nail varnish remover, which will help!"

I think that informs us a bit more on taking care of our nails, yes? Especially if your always wearing nail varnish! You need to leave your nails to breathe every now and again or they might weaken over time. So maybe paint your nails every other week?

Related products:

Avon Nail Experts Cuticle Balm - £6, Boots Moisturising nail polish remover pads - £1.50, OPI Acetone free nail polish remover - £7 (I haven't used any of these products before, it is just there for reference)

Hollie also wanted me to mention the Limited edition Chanel nail lacquers from the Spring/Summer 2010 collection, so here we go:

I think they're £16 each, pictures from the Chanel website.

She has the mushroom brown colour that the model is wearing above, and it was also seen on Lily Allen. I like it because it's a very unusual but beautiful colour. I'd recommend a base coat and to make it last even longer, apply a clear top coat and bring the varnish under the nail. It works wonders :)


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