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Friday, 30 April 2010

Update, Circle lenses, Upcoming posts.

Just a quick update! :)
It's exam season and I just want to get them all over and done with so I get to enjoy the beach.. the sun... the BBQs! And of course update my blog a bit more.

Hmm I did think about trying out some cute circle lenses it's crazy how big they can make your eyes look. I don't really feel the need to use them for that reason but I love the different colours. I am weary of buying contact lenses just for aesthetic reasons, because it's your eyes that your putting at stake. You only get the one pair to last you a life time!
What do you guys think about circle lenses?

Upcoming posts!:
-L'oréal - Perfect clean foaming exfloliator
-New Sasa Haul


Mi_Mi said...

i personally wanna get them they look so nice!! essential

Rinni said...

I might be purchasing some and doing a quick lil review on them!

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