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Friday, 21 May 2010

Tube cosmetics saver tip

Now, sometimes I have the problem of running out of cream or face wash which is in a squeezy tube. So I try to roll it up and squeeze out the last few bits but unfortunately that doesn't always work (even when you take the lid off). And then I thought what if I could just scrape it out? So grabbed the scissors (as you do) and snipped off the top so I could get directly into the tube! :)

(right-new tube, left - old tube)

Easy peasy! A good old common sense and
innovative thinking to solve a few pennies in the purse :D
Oh and that is the Simple Oil
balancing moisturiser. It's great for combination skin I think as it controls your oily T-zone. But I use it in combination with my bb cream for the morning so I get SPF and a better oil control, because it keeps my face oil free for reasonably longer.
Before you go chopping up all the tubes you own you might want to make sure the contents don't dry up easily. For example the Simple tube dried up pretty quick so I won't be doing that again xD So a little blob left out for 24 hours or so to see if it dries up is always helpful. And make sure it's NOT a compressed metal container :/ I'm not responsible for any personal injuries if not handled safely!


Anz said...

To compliment this good tip, get some small empty pots with lids to transfer the contents to so you can keep those last drops for a few days more. (or empty travel size nivea cold cream tubs)

Rinni said...

Ooo yeh cosmetic tubs! I like it ;) haha~

blogatka said...

I use cosmetics brand Yves Rocher, but the desire to try those who recommend

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