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Saturday, 8 May 2010

Sasa haul and recent buys

Phew I managed to make some time for some blogging! ^^
Here's what I bought from Sasa....

(Click to enlarge image)
I'm so glad a finally managed to get my hands on Dolly wink stuff because all the products are so cute! And I love Tsubasa Masuwaka, she's so pretty. Tsubasa Masuwaka is the model that collaborated with Koji to produce Dolly wink. I was going to purchase the eyelash case but the reviews of it weren't that great. Many people said that it was too flimsy and I already had a eyelash case newho (see last Sasa haul) Now I'm just eagerly waiting to see if Sasa will stock Melliesh porducts, because I really want the nude glosses they have!
I did want to try some BB creams so I read the first recommendation of a BB cream brand and bought it xD I'll do a little review when I've tried it out for a bit.
I ran out of face masks so I bought a popular Olay face mask that's proven to moisturise and even out your skin tone, I will be using this once a week. Oh and I wanted to try an eye mask too which I will use when I get tired eyes, it'll be a temporary solution before I get to have a well deserved lie in.
I was running out of eye make up remover so I opted for a nice rose essence one, I'll be doing a review after I use it for a week.
The eyelash glue that I'm using now is the Eyelure strip lash glue which is really good and dries clear after a while, but I was wondering what it would be like if I used a black eyelash glue as I always use black eyeliner when I wear false lashes. Hopefully it will blend in so I wont have to wait for the clear lash glue to dry.
The Koji eyelash curlers that I bought in my last Sasa haul weren't that great, the shape of it was too small to fit my eyes so it pinches at either sides of my eyes when I use it. That's why I bought the Shiseido eyelash curlers to try, if that fails then I'm going all out to buy the well known holy grail Shu Umera eyelash curlers!
As I always wear mascara and curl my lashes when I wear make up, my lashes can get quite damaged and weak. So I decided to start on a budget eyelash essence that claims to provide eyelashes with nutrients, which strengthens their roots and enhances their tenacity which regular usage.

I'll be doing reviews on each product after a while of testing them out :D
Sasa also sent me a free lil memo pad as a gift

And my most recent buy is...

Revlon nail enamel in 005 Sheer Blush and Palmer's Coco Butter (fragrance free)
I'll take a photo of the varnish on my nails soon~
And I was running out of the coco butter in my miniature bottle so I bought a normal sized bottle to use at home.

Upcoming post: Tube products saver tip!


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